Everyone of us will at some point of our lives, sustain a minor injury to our wrist or elbow. Injuries to our wrist or elbow may cause pain or swelling. Some of our wrist or elbow injuries could be caused by acute or overused injury. Symptoms may develop from day-to-day wear and tear issue.

If you take part in sports that involve heavy weight-bearing on the hands and arms, it can increase your risks of injuring your wrist or elbow. Sports such as skiing, tennis, badminton, golf or hockey involve gripping of the sports equipment which may also increase the risk of wrist & elbow injuries.

Older adults are also at a high risk of getting wrist injury as they may have a low bone mass (Osteoporosis) without knowing it themselves. Age comes with other problems like vision and balance, which may put the seniors at a higher risk of accidental wrist injury. An acute wrist or elbow injury can be caused by a fall, twisting injury or a direct impact injury. The source of the wrist or elbow pain is clear and you will remember. You may find bruising or swelling to your wrist develop soon after the wrist injury.

Overused wrist injuries happen when the wrist or elbow do the same action repetitively, causing “stress” to the wrist or elbow joint.

●     Carpal tunnel syndrome. Pressure on the median nerve in the wrist.

●     De Quervain’s disease. Tenosynovitis is a condition brought by irritation or inflammation of the wrist tendons at the base of the thumb. 

●     Repetitive strain injury

●     Writer’s cramps develop with repeated hand or finger motion, such as writing or typing.

●     Tennis elbow. pain and tenderness on the outside of the elbow

●     Golfer’s elbow. pain and tenderness on the inside of the elbow

I created “Unbreakable Wrist & Elbow” based on my own experience dealing with my own wrist and elbow overused injuries. Through my own journey to recovery, I have developed certain protocol, with knowledge that I have gained from Manual Therapy and Gymnastics conditioning. I had shared the protocol to many of my clients with similar problem and it had definitely helped them. I would love to share these to those who are interested to get rid of their Elbow & Wrist pain once and for all.

Unbreakable Wrist & Elbow


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28th April 2019, Sunday 1-3pm

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Daniel Chan

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